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disappearance of 10-year-old kevin collins. police say he had at least five aly. ass. we now know he had a sixth. susan knew him as kelly jackson. their friendship lasted a decade. >> they had me over all the time. they made me coffee and we were close, you know, neighbors in each other's pockets. >> jackson wanted in canada under another alias for a 1973 kidnappingú'vqu and sexual assas of two juveniles. >> they'd said he had gotten into trouble in canada and he knew how not to leave a paper trail. so i think that they were conscious of what they ran through the radar he never told her he was a fugitive for molesting juveniles. susan says there are signs he might have liked young buys he tell ma sexual component bay young
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boy. >> susan says jackson told whir b.a loi who lived next door. he looked at the child's bedroom window, watching him explore his sexuality. >> just the way he told the story made me go to the oh, that is... you know, that maybe is uncomfortable saying this is over the line. that he probably had some sort of interest in younger boys because it sounded like the kid was younger. >> witnesses say they saw kevin talking to a tall blond man with a dog. susan says he was not tall. witnesses could have noticed another feature he was maybe five six, and a big mustache. it took up most hifz face. >> ther ai. an, or jackson as suean knew him had been convicted and served time for performing lewd acts on a child at fisherman's wharf in
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19816789 police dropped him as a suspect when the witnesses cot identify him from a photo spread. >> thank you. >> neighbors fed up with a slow police response or none at all are hiring private security officers. residents in the laurel district have seen property crimes soaring in recent years. laura? >> well, oakland police say they welcome that community policing is all about partnership but the residents who live in this neighborhood told us their idea to hire frustration. >> this is not an oakland police officer. but rather a bay alarm security agent pat rolling residential streets of the city looking for signs of trouble. >> we're getting calls from
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around the city and have to make sure we're taking care of our existing areas and make sure we can serve everybody. >> there has been a lot of break ins up above us and below. >> heidi is among an increasing number of residents pitching in with neighbors to hire private security to get what the city police force can't give them. a timely respoons to a burglary or break in. >> i understand the oakland police are very overwhelmed but when someone is in my backyard it's frustrating to know i don't have anyone to call to come help me. >> she came face-to-face withoo two intruders in her backyard. she called 911 and a neighbor. the neighbor arrived in minutes. oakland police never came. now, she and 30 neighbors are chipping in $30 a month to hire patrol for bay alarm and adding more security cameras.
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other neighbor is taking it further, taking measurements to replace a wooden front door with a steel one. >> people are constantly casing our street going by, going slow. >> often times we don't respond the way we would like to. >> oakland police acknowledge they throw more resources to fighting violent crime abilities to respond to lower priority calls dropped off. >> dealing with over 20,000 alarm calls a year last year is a cal yempk for us. so again this is a solution. >> in most cases or many cases pry vilt security agents will be armed but the idea is not to case down or confront suspects they're to call police if need be. >> laura, thank you. catholics around the world are beginning to wonder who the next pope will be.
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pope benedict announced his retirement today. here, you see him on christmas. most popz served until their deaths. benedict is the first in 600 years to quit. >> parishioners are expressing near universal surprise the pope decided to retirks some wonder whether there is a hidden reason. change is underway. >> there have been no attempts to disguise issues of advancing age. it's known he has arthritis and occasionally using a cane. a moving platform takes him down the aisle. father mccarthy thinks pope benedict's decision to retire was motivated by predecessor autos he served under a pope who was incapacitated forjv the
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last several years z he probably saw this has liabilities for the church. >> still, parishioners in san jess yeah wonder if they're getting the whole reason. >> probably there is another cause like he came everywhere, met people or something. >> one door closes and another opens. a diverse college of cardinals will vote for the new pope. the greatest growth has been in latin america. >> it would be interesting to have a pope from africa or asia or from latin america. and my guess is that that probably i have no insider knowledge. >> a spokesman praised pope benedict for making a difficult decision. >> this is an act of boldness on the part of this pope. and also, an act of great humility. >> for some that criticized
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the pope for not articulating sup for immigration report. >> he hasn't talked about that. students graduate and don't have the opportunity to work. >> people are living longer lives but popes lead a stressful life z age 85 going on 86 he decided to take life easier. >> authorities are investigating hundreds of tips after offering a $1 million reward for a disgruntelled excop on the run looking for christopher dorner want forward three murders in the last eight days. last sign was last weekder
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including three counts of attempted murder. riverside county district attorney issued an arrest warrant for christopher dorn year this individual by both his words and conduct has made it very clear to all of us that every law enforcement officer in southern california is in danger of being shot or killed. >> dorn jer charged in the murder of a riverside police officer michael crane, including two special circumstance allegations making him eligible for the death penalty its notable and remarkable that he was ambushed in such a way that he never had the opportunity to use those skills. >> the scaled down search for dorner stretched into the fifth day in big bear, last thursday, his burned out truck was spot there'd. since then there, have been no
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new leads or confirmed sightings. 30 deputies remain to search remote cabins and vacation homes. >> they found the truck. like i said it was in misdirection on his part. the man is not stupid. crazy but not stupid. >> but the lack of any new information or leads has many here in big bear forming ideas about what the next move may be. >> i think he'll try to do what he can to make another big mark get the media and press working again z then, sort of retreat,n3>,
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>> still ahead tonight, final phase of a major bay area highway project. the plan for eliminating one of the biggest bottle necks. >> in sacramento, when california inlits maits suit lawyers. critics say legal professionals are getting rich off lawsuits. >> san francisco mayor takes $20 million challenge, raising money for america's cup so tax payers don't get stuck with the tab. >> i'm spencer christian. after sunny mild weather get after sunny mild weather get ready for a chill tonight. well, well, well.
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a work is now underway on the final set of improvements to highway 4 in east contra the project widens the highway in two places and improvements include expanding public transit in that area. >> this stretch of dirt nlt center of highway 4 will have tracks on it, carrying e bart passengers between pittsburgh and antioch. completion of the line 10 miles east is still four years away but it's a beginning we're sell briting. east contra costa residents have been helping pay for bart with nothing to show for it since he was first envisioned in 1958. truly a lifetime of waiting. >> this means an improved qaumt of life fr our area.
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it means economic development. it means police and fire getting there safer to save lives. >> people out here have been paying for a long time this, is long overdue. long awaited. >> this shows passengers will no fare gates just a 28 foot walk. lighter e bart costs 60% less. >> it's really kind of remarkable. it's been a lot of discussion and conversation. and we're on our way to opening an extension. >> construction will take off after 2015. when work on the final expansion projects along highway 4 will be completed n addition to doubling the highway the major road interchange is being expanded
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and upgraded. >> smoother more efficient. >> transportation lagd behind rampant development. the hope is that finic improvements will turn that equation around. >> a 14-year-old boy suffered very serious injuries when a car hit him in concord. sky 7 was overhead and it shows you where it happened. witnesses say the car hit him aroundw" zi 1:40 this afternoon. the intersection was closed for several hours and police investigated a tow truck hauled away the car. a park ranger's suv hit a woman walking in san francisco at about 3:00 a.m. at -- p.m. at a25th avenue and california street. you can see impact dented the front of the ranger's suv there. the woman who was hit was taken to the hospital and is
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expected to survive. the investigation closed the road for about 40 minutes. there is no word yet on what caused this accident. >> ed lee said he'd take charge of a new effort to raise money for the america's cup. that is buzz taxpayers could be left with a huge bill if organizers cannot raise the $34 million needed to pay for services, transportation and clean up. so far fund raising has only come up with $14 million. it's $20 million short of what is needed. taxpayers could have to foot the bill. >> so there is pressure on our general fund if need to do it. i'm getting good responses. we've got active people saying okay this is good. >> mayor lee says he's talked with political heavy weights and they've agreed to hostq)-t- major events. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. spring like outside.
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just gorgeous. >> yes. it's perfect out there. >> only going to get milder. here is a live view from our camera looking at the western skies. still, a glow with hughes of -- hughes of orange and rust after sunset occurring more than 45 minutes ago. clear skies above. low clouds along the coastline. this gives you another inflexion of how clear it is outside. it's still mild though it's going to get colder tonight. temperatures into 50s now. a mild spot is redwood city. forecast features will be clear and cold overnight in interior valleys. sunny days ahead this week. 70 degrees in spots. satellite shows a huge ridge of high pressure in place now and continuing to bring us clear skies and mild
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conditions all week long. this is not budthing for a while. low clouds will pull back away. tomorrow will be another sunny mild day. we may see low clouds touching the coastline but they won't stay very long, overnight what a chill. look for lows to drop down to about 30 in santa rosa. cold as well with lows of 33 in livermore and fairfield. we'll see mid-30sdñdnu around te bay shore line[. tonight afternoon things will warm up to low to mid 60s in the south bay. on the peninsula, low 60s, palo alto and mountain view. 62 on the coast at half moon bay.áññ downtown san francisco high of 60 to. 58 in the sunset district.
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mid 60s in parts of the north bay. 615 insanity yoa rosa. obk]á berkeley, san leandro and newark, inland east bay, 62 in danville and pleasanton. and highs into low 60s, cooler in monterey. here is the accu-weather forecast. seven glorious days ahead. nice and mild low 60s on the coast. friday warmest day up to about 70s around the bay. mid-60s on the coast. upper 60s inland. just gradual cooling over the weekend. >> very nice, thank you. >> sure. >> we're following breaking news#&÷ in richmond right now. police got a 911 call of an armed person. >> they found an armed suspect shot spotter told them the
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shots were fired. a suspect was hit take ren to the hospital with critical injuries from what we're told no. details on why officers fired. they're investigating so stay right here on abc 7 news, we'll keep you updated in richmond late today. >> coming up next a 49ers corner back got into hot water corner back got into hot water at the super bowl.ys of walking
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to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade.
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a family lawsuit that would have held the city of alameda responsible for the drowning death a loved one was dismissed today. officials say the 52-year-old drowned himself at crown memorial state beach two years ago. fire crews stood by without responding because cuts prevented them from being recertified for ocean reres cue. the family sued the city for its lack of response. the judge said crews were not to blame for the death. >> bart is planning an extreme makeover of the two busiest stations. 40% of the passengers get on or off at the stations to speed up service transit
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agency wants to knock down walls and instaud additional platforms on the other side of the track as louing passengers to board on both sides of the train. bart is looking at installing sliding doors at the edge of the platt to form that's would open whits time to board. the cost would run aboutbno $900 million. >> a big thrill fr a little boy battling leukemia chris culliver visited 8-year-old garrett signs. he is battling leukemia. his sister who is just nine months old was the donor. his-óa:s mom says he was so exce that had he just could not sleep last night and got to toss a0-wez around with his hero this, is good pr for culliver who needs it after comments about gay players in the nfl not being allowed in the locker room for the 49ers comment he late year poll jized
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for. >> abc 7 news continues in just a moment. when we come back you'll see how much of your money is being spent to argue you go over prison conditions and why of dragging out the fight. >> a furniture store shut down got the furniture they paid for a year later. >> and the antics of sutro sam.÷1s÷ a river otter may be getting too much attention at the beach. stay with us. abc 7 news9
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california tax payers forking over millions every year to defend the state's prison system from lawsuits filed by inmates. the same attorneys frequently say the state is bringing this the governor and others want the courts to start cracking down on all litigation.
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>> governor brown lamented endless stacks of legal documents and the drain the lawsuits vont state budget. lawyers wandering ash looking for problems. >> the state now confirms lawsuit cost taxpayers about $180 million in legal fees and could court appointees alone. the bulk from two yet to be resolved cases involving whether the medical and health care meets constitutional standards this is closer to $200 million if you count costs to defend itself. and people appointed to fix the problems. financially benefit by keeping case goesing. >> if you make millions and continue with the lawsuit you
6:30 pm
stand to make more money. >> attorneys say they give the state an attorney to address the issue before filing suit money-maker. n because he believes that prisoners are people and should be treated humanely. every person in this office could make double or triple the amount by working in the private sector. >> absolutely frivolous. >> state senator jim neilson headed california board of prisons for a deck naid named in numerous lawsuits and says it's time to end what he call as bus autos we need to pass legislation to curve some of the things inmates can sue over, it's nonsense. >> the state trying to end federal controls of the prison mental health is tim. -- system n a court ruling governor brown says there is
6:31 pm
no incentive to be objective because further monitoring means more money. >> that ship pilot blamed for the worst oil spill in two decades is now suing the coast guard to get his license back. 53,000 gallons of bunker fuel spilled into the bay. cota filed suit claiming his civil rights were violated.cie2 >> sutro sam is drawing clouds ofn'h admirers but attention is raigz concerns. >>? january, just after sutro sam just appeared there were so many people coming around pools the park service had to put up barricades and signs.
6:32 pm
>> we've seen people bringing dogs down here and trying to flush sam out of the pool to get a better photograph. >> the director of animal care says unless you're a blue heron you should not be walking through the area ash the baths. >> there is a gentleman here yesterday with a young child and they were walking across the front. you know and waves were crashing and they had a large dog with them. they have the sign over there prohibiting dogs. people were mindless. >> most people we saw yesterday and today have kept a distance and those that didn't probably thoughtrtoñd hey i'm just walking through here but experts say you don't have threat. >> it's this type of circumstance where perhaps sam will no longer be careful
6:33 pm
around humans that would be a bad thing its understandable people want to see him. if you want to see a shot do what david drks bring a telephoto lens. you can get a good look. >> we got a call telling us about concerns for sam asking about protecting them and they said sure. there they're going to have three river otters you can see as up close as you like. >> silicon valley rich talent pool lured another tech company, go set up shop in sunnyvale. go daddy plans to make it a tech hub. >> there is everything you can
6:34 pm
imagine there is pubs and restaurants feels lick a sense of community there are other technology companies here. partners are close by. there are a number of folks here. it's a talent mecca. >> the company will hire 40 more employees this year. >> tim cook will sit by mrs. obama at the state of the union address. you can watch the president's address live here on abc 7 and abc 7 beginning at 6:00 tomorrow night. marco rubio will deliver the republican response. >> have you made a reservation yet for valentine's day? >> one thing you might not think about signing up
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well as cities get more and more crowded one question looming is where do you put the cars?
6:38 pm
>> l is more room than you might think and now, there is an app to help you find it to see the parking valets around downtown marriott you might f the slowest times of the week. they expertly squeeze cars between pillars putting small ones in small base spaces and big ones in big spaces. >> we have parking available for guests. >> but they're not coming for hours and the garage at the office building across the street is full so why can't the hotel rent out spaces for just a few hours? well, now they can. >> there is a a free app calling itself expedia of parking offering cheap rates on space that's would otherwise sit empty. >> 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. >> if you stay1/çeñ longer it wl let you pay to reserve extra
6:39 pm
special parking. >> premium price for maybe an assured rate. >> there is a green side and reserve one of them in advance. park now ceo says average user books a spot 11 hours ahead of time. >> reducing congestion and plus. >> perhaps most interesting thing about park now is who is paying for it. it's a joint venture between private invest skbrorz bmw. >> owning a car is is a thing you almost regret. >> so four americans move to big cities it's in the best interest to take the headache out of owning a vehicle. >> bmw has been"eç< focused on stress as associated with mobility. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> coming up next proof that patience is a virtue. >> we're excited and waited
6:40 pm
for this. >> they have. michael finney explains why it took so long for the customers to get what they
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tonight at 11:004r abc news i team talks with a man worried 17 scans he's received may cause him more cancer. phone shall dangers at the center of a debate among medical professionals right now. no one seems to know how harmful the tests can be. >> i'm a patient. goi there for help and for -- to get well. >> he has one more problem to deal with, we'll show you the letter his doctor sent him and what it means for the care. risk versus reward abc 7 news special report tonight only on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> be sure to tune in for that. now, consumer news a corn tour
6:44 pm
store shut doors it caused a headache for customers with unfilled order autos this has been a long process. >> this is long. three dozen customers paid $120,000 for furniture they feared they'd never see. much is now being delivered and many of our customers are already planning their party. >> this is a sell brait braigs of moving and gegt my chair autos she can't wait to throw a party last fall she showed us a prize table minus $3,000 worth of chairs. those missing chairs should be arriving any day now. all he could show us in october for the $5,000 down for a cabinet was an rendering.
6:45 pm
today his cabinet has arrived. >> we're very excited. our house has been a construction zone in anticipation for this. >> they are two of 30 ordering furniture from jesse san francisco in the south of market area and never received it. jesse san francisco shut doors months after customers put in orders. in october, we spotted the ceo from across the street at a warehouse sale advertised on jesse san francisco's own web site. >> he prevented a 7 on your side producer from setting up up a camera when we tried to approach him. >> they just want to know when they're going to get the furniture back. >>. >> four business associates confirmed he was dominic
6:46 pm
longacre. he had an exclusive arrangement with jesse itally to sell its furniture. after learning of unfulfilled orders we contacted jesse itally. and it agreed to make good on e mails. telling us customers count most to us. we don't want our brand to be associated with shameful business practices. >> it's anú$á excellent product we're happy with it. we're very happy that it's here. >> jesse itally and jesse san francisco have since receivered ties. we spoke to dominic longacre telling me he basically threw me under the bus. >> 7 on your side is awesome. i highly recommend this to anyone who has any issues. >> jesse itally says it's
6:47 pm
fulfilled 127,000s ndz outstanding orders and 28 of the 30 customers have now received furniture autos it's great work. >> good job. >> thank you. >> let's check on the forecast. >> pretty good weather coming our way. clear skies and we'll continue to have clear days ahead. state wide, top to bottom, sunny skies here in the bay area that will be the pattern as well, sunny skies with clouds touching the coastline but that is about it. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast milder as the week goes on. it will cool down moving into next week but lovely weather throughout. >> in rain is expected.
6:48 pm
>> thank you. >> academy awards coming up soob. you can down load oscars app. >> oscars airs here on abc 7. >> that is right. with super bowl a memory we're on to baseball. >> yes. larry beil is here now. >> giants pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. some guys are in camp. what kind of shape is pablo sandoval y
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good evening, it's all about streaks sharks open with seven wins trying to stop the slide tonight in columbus but in trouble from the opening faceoff. 43 seconds into the game. a can't clear with this first goal of the year, leading to frustration and punches. blue jackets came in with only three but more physical.
6:52 pm
that isv;'á3j÷ period, the first nhl goal. patrick marlo with his tenth of the season they get trucked 6-2 their fifth loss. rainy day in arizona members of the world champ champion kbints giants getting ready for spring training. pablo sandoval, hefty. bruce bocci seems content with the squad going into the season. 21 of the 25 players have burned -- returned. >> you have to look at left helping out there. but we're well set all around the infield and out field. with rotation. there are spots open in the bull pen. >> otherwise, they're intact. men's tennis dur says farewell to the bay area. it's the final chapter of the
6:53 pm this started in 1889 as hosts of the greats mike shumann soit doubt down with the two time defend lg champ. >> a bittersweet ending after over 100 years here in the bay area. the two time champion claims the event will be special. >> yes. it is. this is pretty amazing so starting out the year right he event. he doesn't play until thursday. >> the one thing is that person that will play will have already played a match. >> his term? one of the biggest in tennis will help him make that adjustment. >> goal is about getting
6:54 pm
better he lfs bay area crowds. he's a fan of hockey donning a sharks jersey in last two victories. >> toronto maple leafs. >> as a six five, 200 pound canadian how did he choose tennis over hockey? >> i've never been on ice. it's rare for a canadian to say. i used to play street hockey. tennis hooked on for me. i'm more so a basketball fan rather than a hockey fan. >> he's one confused canadian. >> i've heard that many times. >> warriors are back home to host the rockets tomorrow night and a wardrobe change is coming. they're 26% lighter. i'm calling striped pants a
6:55 pm
fashion faus pauz at this point. >> tileor gafy coming back remember he ran 449 yards as a junior. now he has a chance to replace him. so that is a boost there. >> jerseys have sleefz. >> it's unusual. >> they look constricting. the jersey looks tight. >> they like it thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00 a man said woe be dead or in jail if the president were to be reelected. >> then at 11:00 when does a risk outweigh the benefit of ct scans. >> and then, it's jimmy kimmelc÷ live. it for this
6:56 pm
edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here thanks for watching. we appreciate your time we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament! now let's meet today's three finalists -- a senior from little rock, arkansas...
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on, kentucky... from lex, ...and a freshman from marietta, georgia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! you, johnny. and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to the first of our two matches to decide this year's teen tournament champion. a year ago, we hthank ee young girls competing for the championship. this year, three guys, representing kentucky, georgia, and arkansas. the south well-represented in this year's tournament. nilai, barrett, and leonard, good luck. let's go to work. here comes the "jeopardy!" round... and these categories to get you started. alex: nilai, start us. let's go onomatopoeia for $800, please.
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lai. what is a boom? boom, right. let's go medieval tiease. leonard. what are stirrups? yes. world capitals, $200. barrett. ? yes. what is lisbon? yes.ett. onomatopoeia for $200, please. barrett. what is buzz? good. onomatopoeia for $400. nilai. what is a sneeze? that's right. let's go medieval times for $1,000, please. [ beep ]

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